The Power of
three elements

The Power of three elements

Organika Vodka is dedicated to rare and endangered species of animals listed in the Red Book.

  • Earth

    There are 2 unique herbs in vodka, which can be found only on the shores of Lake Baikal, hand-picked and have tonic properties.
  • Water

    Water is extracted from Lake Baikal contains a high level of oxygen, which makes it particularly useful. Perfectly quenches thirst and strengthens the immune system.
  • Fire

    High-quality grain spirit "Alfa".


  • Water of Lake Baikal
  • 100% grain spirit “Alpha”
  • Siberian larch extract

Siberian larch extract is a natural antioxidant, which improves the human immune system and is beneficial to the entire body.


Siberian larch

Larch can be found in different parts of the world, but the most valuable species grow in Siberia. Due to the clean environment this larch becomes a rare treasure absorbing the power of natural elements. Siberian larch extract strengthens blood vessels and, therefore, it's a natural aphrodisiac.


Organika LIFE

Ultra-premium vodka in volumes of 0.7l and 1.75l. The limited edition, each bottle has a unique number, silver coating with a frost and pearl effect.

  • Water of Lake Baikal
  • 100% grain spirit"Alfa"
  • Sagan-Daila means “life-giving”.

Sagan-Daila grows only in the wild of Lake Baikal. The Buryats who cherish their legends and cultural traditions say that a single bush leaf is enough to feel fresh and be cheerful during the day.



Sagan-Daila means “life-giving” and is a well-known tonic. According to the ancient legends, after battles warriors to return their energy back to the Earth, would stuck in their spears into the hillside of Sayan mountains. After a while in these places grew a plant could fill a man with health and power. The locals use this herb even today when hunting or hiking.

Sagan-Daila stimulates brain, kidneys and heart activity, relieves fatigue and hangover. Therefore, it's a well-known aphrodisiac.


Organika TRUFFLE

  • Water of Lake Baikal
  • 100% grain spirit "Alfa"
  • Sagan-Daila means "life-giving"
  • White truffle extract

White Truffle

Feel the touch of fried walnuts, moss, fallen autumn leaves and forest land in Organika with white truffle. Ancient legends say that this delicate mushroom rejuvenates the body and positively influences the men’s power.


Organika LIFE 1.75

  • The luxurious silver coating, laser engraving and magic glowing effect allow you to speak about Organika 1.75 as a piece of art;
  • The first edition of the Organika Vodka collection is dedicated to the Amur tiger. In the future, there will be limited editions of Organika Life illustrating other animals: Far Eastern leopard, snow leopard, polar bear and other rare species.

The collection of Organika vodka will become a real catch for true connoisseurs.

It is a premium gift

Great premium gift idea. You have the possibility to add a laser engravement of your initials or company name on the bottle side.

  • Organika
  • Gazprom
  • E. Grishkovets
  • Sberbank

Social responsibility

Organika contributes to the preservation of the Amur tiger population - one of the most beautiful and rare animals on our planet


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